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16 Februari 2013

11 Romantic Places in Seoul FoR Valentine

1. Jazz Clubs
In Seoul, there aren’t many things that are more romantic than jazz clubs. In the case of “Once in a Blue Moon,” that particular jazz club is frequently portrayed in dramas!

2. Take a Han River Ferry Boat Cruise!  If you are in a romantic relationship in Seoul, at least once you should take a Han River Ferry Boat Cruise! This is often underrated but very romantic, especially at night. You will get the chance to see Seoul’s beautiful city nightscape all at once! 

3. Hongdae 
Forgot to make reservations on Valentine’s Day, or have no clue where to go? Then stop by Hongdae and travel around the streets. The area is all around the Hondae Subway Station (Line 2) or you can also reach it by arriving at Sangsu Subway Station (Line 6). Once there, go to any of the numerous bars, cafes, or restaurants and enjoy!

4. Yeongdeongpo Times Square
Many assume that the name “Times Square” was to evoke New York’s famous time square. Regardless, this place is a lot cleaner and nicer than the Cooex Mall. If you are bored on Valentine’s Day or don’t have anything planned, why not shop around, eat, and watch a film? Times Square also has a few nice restaurants and cafes to boot! (

5. Banpo Bridge 
If you are ever itching to get out to the Han River make sure you visit Banpo Bridge. The bridge has two floors so you can actually walk on the bottom one. At night they play music, water shoots out, and it is all beautiful. 

6. Itaewon
Itaewon is the premier destination for foreigners inside of Seoul. It is also a mecca for a diverse range of ethnic restaurants. There are loads of restaurants and bars that will help make the day romantic. (Click here for more information)

7. Marco Polo
This restaurant has the best nighttime view in all of Seoul! This restaurant is located on the 52nd floor of the Cooex Trade Center. The interesting fact about this restaurant is that one side serves Mediterranean while the other serves Korean style Chinese! (This location is often used for wedding proposals).

8. Namsan Tower
No romantic list would be complete without Namsan Tower. The tower is located on top of Namsan (Nam Mountain) and the view of Seoul is supposed to be spectacular. (It looks like Koreans seem to associate high places with romance no?) Even if not for Valentine’s Day, if you ever end up visiting Seoul, make sure you visit this place! ( .

9. Garusogil 
Garusogil is a street that is the hottest spot to be, if you are in Gangnam! This street is lined with shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes! The street is located around the Sinsa and Apgujeong stations which are both Line 3. The neat thing about this cafe besides its beauty is that there are tables with touch screens. You can play games, doodle, and read your fortunes on it. Perfect for the bored couple! (

10. Seorae Village
Seorae Village is a beautiful street that is home to nearly 40% of the French community in Seoul. As a result, this street is very beautiful and it also has nice restaurants, cafes, and bars! If you are looking to visit all of the nice “streets” in Seoul, you have to visit this one for sure! (It is close to the Express Bus Terminal Station which is a part of Line 3).

11. Walker Hill’s Pizza Hill
Continuing the trend of “romantic locales in high places,” we will now introduce Walker Hill’s Pizza Hill. The “Walker Hill” hotel itself is located on the Acha Mountain. If you eat at Pizza Hill or any other restaurants in this hotel, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the Han River. (Click here for more info)

Kpop Story #3

kanan->Kembar YOONA SNSD dari MALAYSIA    

15 Lovey Dovey K-Pop Songs for Valentine’s Day!

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03 Februari 2013

K-pop Story #2

Super Junior’s Choi Si Won will appear as the first guest on SBS’s new variety show “Strong Heart 2.”

The show representative said, “Choi Si Won will appear on the show ‘Strong Heart 2′ on February 7. Besides Choi Si Won, other guests are not yet confirmed.”
The original version of “Strong Heart” came to an end, but its revamped version, “Strong Heart 2,” is set to air.  Actress Kim Hee Sun, comedian Shin Dong Yup, and singer Yoon Jong Shin are confirmed as the new hosts.

In the previous show, there were usually 20 guests invited on the show at one time. However, in the new show, only three or four guests will be invited to share their emotional stories.

02 Februari 2013

K-pop story #1

CNBlue returns with new album [Re:BLUE]!

CNBlue makes a comeback with their new mini album [Re:Blue], which marks ten months since their last Korean album promotion. Everyone knows that Jung Yong Hwa composed the title track “I’m Sorry” along with “Coffee Shop,” “The Guy Like Me,” “La La La,” and “Where You Are” while Lee Jong Hyun composed for “Myself More Than You.” The title track “I’m Sorry” especially brings out a refreshing and powerful sound from CNBlue.

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01 Februari 2013


Bila matahari melabuhkan tirai maka malam pun menjelma,
maka muncul lah sang bulan bersama si bintang di sisi
Nun jauh di bawah sana, seorang hamba ALLAH yang sedang 
merenung ke langit dan melihat bulan..
Lalu berkata 'Alangkah indahnya jika aku menjadi seperti sang bulan kerana dikelilingi oleh si bintang-bintang yang sungguh cantik dan bersinar-sinar'..